Gas Bottles

We are a Flo Gas stockist. We have also recently started stocking the gaslight bottles in 5kg and 10kg sizes. 

As with all gas retailers a bottle is required for exchange, if you do not have a one a one off bottle deposit is charged. These are the sizes kept in stock, other sizes can be ordered.

  • 7Kg. Butane gas bottles to fit 20mm and 21mm regulators.
  • 13Kg. Butane gas bottles to fit 20mm and 21mm regulators.
  • 3.9kg Propane gas bottles.
  • 6kg Propane gas bottles.
  • 11Kg. Propane gas bottles.
  • 19Kg. Propane gas bottles.
  • 11 Kg. Patio gas bottles.
  • 5kg Gaslight bottles
  • 10kg Gaslight bottles.